The following post is a repost of my guest post on the amazing book blog, Odd and Bookish.

In early June 2020, I had the pleasure of hearing Kwame Alexander, a prolific NYT Bestselling writer, speak and deliver a magnificent poem during Act To Change’s first Solidarity Convo. As a Managing Director at Act To Change, a nonprofit focused on ending bullying amongst youth and especially in the AAPI community, the importance of increasing diversity, representation, and solidarity amongst communities is often at the…

The following is a repost from an author interview I conducted with Sam Wright.

looks like an exciting story. Compared to and, what can you tell us a little about it?

I wrote through the lens of being the book that I wish I had as a high schooler. Growing up, there wasn’t much Asian American representation in pop culture, and even when there was an Asian American actor on TV or in a book, I felt like it didn’t reflect my own experience of being a second-generation daughter…

Belinda Lei and I started out as colleagues in early 2019. The first month we met, we became fast friends over Japanese kit kats, banh mi, and ice skating. While we no longer work together or even live in the same city, I’ve loved keeping in touch and having a front row seat to all the amazing things she’s done. Belinda’s book Not THAT Rich came out earlier this week. …

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Who is The Stranger?? This is an excerpt from The Stranger’s point of view in Chapter 7 of my book, . Enjoy :)

The Stranger never understood the world of the SGV. He didn’t understand the insane struggle for success and recognition, nor did he understand why a person’s self-worth was decided by a piece of paper from some fancy college that only rich people could afford. He didn’t understand any of it.

Ever since he could remember, he had always felt like an outsider — within his family, within his community, within the region. …

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A YA novel wouldn’t be a YA novel without some sort of locker room fight. This is an excerpt from Hunter Wang’s point of view in Chapter 9 of my book, Not THAT Rich. Enjoy :)

Two hours of swimming later, Hunter was exhausted. After the team lost the match against Polytech last week, Coach Bron decided to take out his frustration by drilling the team hardcore and instating “optional” 5 a.m. practices. Hunter couldn’t tell which of his muscles weren’t sore.

Matt stumbled over to Hunter’s locker and dropped straight down on the floor as the other drenched players casually walked around him, clearly used to Matt’s antics. “That was brutal. I could gorge on ten In-N-Out burgers right now.”

Hunter chuckled as he rubbed his dripping wet hair. “I believe it. …

Welcome to the teaser series! Each week, I’ll be sharing an excerpt from my book new YA novel To kick things off with a bang for the first week, please find a chapter, Chapter 1, below!


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